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The Fleet Street Business Improvement District have worked with VU.CITY to bring the proposed new developments to life.

The former Fleet Street Quarter's rejuvenation will include the creation of 3,000 sq m in additional pedestrian space, 100% increase in safe cycling routes, 25% increase of public realm usage in hours per day, 75% increase in seating space for residents and visitors and a 50% increase in footfall to historic and cultural destinations. 

Flythrough of the Fleet Street Quarter development pipeline. See how the area will transform over the next five-to-ten years.

Fleet Street quarter

The proposals put forth by the Fleet Street Quarter Business Improvement District aim to replicate the modifications implemented at Oxford Circus in 2009. These changes would include installing diagonal crossings, eliminating obstacles like railings, and creating broader pedestrian pathways.  

The report "Fleet Street Quarter's Era of Change" outlines a total of 34 potential enhancements to the public spaces within the 43-acre BID area. This area extends from Temple Bar in the west to Ludgate in the east, and from Holborn Viaduct in the south to Blackfriars in the north.

Among the proposed improvements is the expansion and greening of sidewalks along Fleet Street, which would involve limiting vehicle access. Additionally, the plan involves removing the eastbound bus lane. At Holborn Circus, the proposals include establishing an urban forest and improving public accessibility. Meanwhile, Holborn Viaduct is envisioned to feature art installations and an infographic celebrating the history of the Fleet river.


The project's team have been working closely with the local residents and stakeholders to shape plans for this new community. Recognising the quality and ease of using VU.CITY Site Licence, The Fleet Street Quarter have worked with VU.CITY to bring the vision to life of the proposed new development.


The Site Licence has already been used at the unveiling of this new public realm strategy, and was launched to over 70 Fleet Street Quarter Businesses, members and key stakeholders at a panel event hosted at Goldman Sachs European HQ in the Fleet Street Quarter. The team used the fly-through to demonstrate the development pipeline and to show how the area will transform over the next five-to-ten years. 


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