Barr Gazetas

“VU.CITY has definitely sped up our workflow, it’s made it a lot quicker and easier… we can share it with clients and explain how things work in a very legible way and I think that is really important, to communicate to a client whether it’s feasible to do something or not in a visual way, is fantastic.”

Pradumn Pamidighantam

Senior Architect - Barr Gazetas
David Roden, Niazi Roden

"We probably can now do in a day what used to take a week. It’s that powerful in terms of the layering and the information that you can glean from it.”

David Roden

Founding Director - Niazi Roden
laura binaburo-1

"VU.CITY’s platform adds real value to our schemes. From site feasibility to massing studies, the benefits go well beyond the design front."

Laura Binaburo

BIM Manager - Pollard Thomas Edwards
Adara Wicaksono

Being able to extrude massing instead of waiting for the architect to send the model of a proposed development means we can start work on it ourselves."

Adara Wicaksono

Project Assistant - Peter Stewart Consultancy
Laurie Handcock

“Councils can see, planning officers can see very quickly when they see a development of VU.CITY that it makes sense to them. They really feel like we're not hiding anything from them. Historically, you'd give them five or six views and they'd go, "Oh, you cherry-picked the best ones." And now we can take them through that process and that's helped massively.”

Laurie Handcock

Director - Iceni Projects
Giulia Robba

“At Farrells we use VU.CITY for many different things, from very early research on the site, to understanding how the options we have been designing fit within the context, also with future developments that are coming in the area."

Giulia Robba

Architect - Farrells
Peter Barbalov

“VU.CITY, for me, is not just a visual thing. It does that connection of bringing other layers of information, which is quite useful for us. Because there are a lot of other people who do models, it's not about the models, it’s that big data coming together which I find very useful.”

Peter Barbalov

Partner - Farrells
Kirsty Braes

"3D visualization using VU.CITY speeds up our workflow and allows us to understand projects in their surroundings, with long distance and close-up views!"

Kirsty Braes

Project Assistant - Peter Stewart Consultancy
Simon Erridge

“Architecture is essentially a 3D discipline, so VU.CITY is effectively showing what is already in an architect’s head in a way that hasn’t been possible before. The platform enables you to immediately understand the cityscape, the context, constraints, daylight, sunlight and the view angles, not just as it is today, but how it will be in the future. That’s incredibly valuable.”

Simon Erridge

Director - Bennetts Associates
Charlotte Orrell

“We're bringing in architects and our clients and different consultants into one room and we're viewing the proposals, the massing of the buildings from day one, and we're building basically the drawings and the architecture and the massing through VU.CITY”

Charlotte Orrell

Senior Planner - Iceni Projects

Iceni uses our VU.CITY to help all parties make more informed decisions

How do you overcome the lack of transparency for clients and local authorities when viewing planning policies and schemes? Iceni uses our 3D smart city planning platform to help all parties make more informed decisions and changes, and to improve collaboration and trust.

Iceni Projects
Farrells Architects
For Farrells, VU.CITY is not just a 3D modelling tool: with its multiple functionality and data layers, it brings together invaluable information in an interactive digital twin. Find out just how much VU.CITY can tell them about a site and what they design…
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