How it works

Submitting a scheme for analysis

The fastest route to the end result

Many local authorities have already discovered the numerous advantages of using VU.CITY as part of their application process.

It allows you to import 3D massing models to assess proposed schemes in the context of the built environment, simply by using the interactive tools and view cameras. It also lets developers have informed conversations with planners about a site’s potential massing, scale and height. 

VU.CITY helps drastically reduce costs in design iterations and creating wireframe verified views because you can scope out exactly what’s needed at an early stage. 

It’s a win-win for everyone.

Optimising your models for import

Optimise models yourself by following these instructions, and using our software add-ins for Revit and Blender.

Our support team can analyse a model for you and help with any changes - simply raise a support case.

Once you’re happy with your model, you can share it securely and directly with your planning officer via VU.CITY Drive.

Instructions to optimise models

Over 20 UK & International Cities

Over 3,000+ sq km accurate to 15cm  I  Tools to scope, create & collaborate on designs

In your words

“We’re bringing in architects and our clients and different consultants in one room and we’re viewing the drawing, the architecture and the massing through VU.CITY.”
Charlotte Orrell
Senior Planner at Iceni Projects
“VU.CITY, for me, is not just a visual thing. It does that connection of bringing other layers of information, which is quite useful for us. Because there are a lot of other people who do models, it's not about the models, it’s that big data coming together which I find very useful.”
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Peter Barbalov
Partner - Farrells
The platform is really helping us communicate those kinds of insights among our consultant team which then enables for a faster and more insightful decision making process.
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Jack Hawkins
Development Manager - Londonewcastle
"At last, Farrells and London have their interactive digital model which we have all been waiting for - and it was well worth the wait! Masterplanning will rise to another level!"
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Sir Terry Farrell
Founder - Farrells
"The practice is taking full advantage of the VU.CITY model platform to great effect. As a design tool VU.CITY is exceptional, the extent to which we can now substantiate our architectural proposals with supporting data and compelling verified visuals is a game changer. The team are going beyond the clear benefits the software provides to test both urban and townscape strategies on major projects to explore environmental and microclimate impacts.”
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Paul Stallan
Design Director - Stallan-Brand
"Development and architecture are embracing technology at a rapid rate but many ideas are impractical or premature and don’t work. The VU.CITY platform is already making an essential difference to design and planning decisions in London and clearly will go much further."
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Sir Stuart Lipton
Co-founder - Lipton Rogers