VU.CITY Modelling

Make your selection from any of our current cities.

If needed we can create an architectural 3D model of your chosen site or dense urban area using state-of-the-art remote sensing technology.

Covers over 3000 sq km at LOD 3 across the UK and International cities. We model to 15cm accuracy from the most recent and up to date coverage.

Impressive coverage

Area not yet on the map and needed urgently? Leave it with us: we’ll get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.

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Choose from base model LOD1 all the way up to LOD4 for heightened realism that’s pitch- and presentation-worthy.

Your choice of definition

Receive discounted pricing, delivery of existing models in two working days or less.

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Whether you simply need a base model or one with an intricate level of detail, we can help.


Offers massing models that show accurate heights and proportions but minimal detail, with no functionality to separate the terrain.

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The same level of detail as LOD1 but also includes trees and allows you to separate the terrain.

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The most popular choice: separates terrain by land use, including roads, water, pavements, railways, platforms, pathways, greenspace and playgrounds. Includes trees for added realism.

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A highly realistic model of a shop front, building, street, stadium, or a city block. Includes intricate façade details, such as windows, doors, glass, metal and concrete. Available as a bespoke service.