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See how leading built environment experts are using VU.CITY to communicate the value of their schemes, derisking planning & ultimately getting planning approval.

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Brighton & Hove City Council - Major Pre-Application Requirements

Brighton and Hove City Council require all major pre-apps and schemes presented to DesignPLACE panel to use VU.CITY’s 3D model.

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City of Westminster - Validation Requirements

On all major applications or developments affecting the Westminster World Heritage Site, LVMF or other significant views, Westminster requests a model of the proposal that can viewed in VU.CITY.

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Haringey Council - Validation Requirements

On major proposals Haringey council mandated the submission of a geo-located 3D massing to help assess if the scheme was appropriate.

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Brent - Validation Requirements

In their validation requirement, Brent Council call for a 3D digital version of the proposal that can be inserted into VU.CITY to assess the scheme.

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Tower Hamlets - Validation Requirements

On all strategic scale developments, Tower Hamlets request the use of digital 3D modelling to support applications.

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Southwark Borough Council - Local Plan 2019-2036

In Southwark's Tall Building policy the council request a 3D model of the proposal to assess it's impact in context.

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Salford City Council - Validation Requirements

For all major planning applications Salford City Council request that a 3D model of the proposal be provided, so that it can be inserted into VU.CITY for assessment.

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Mayor of London - The London Plan 2021

In Policy D4 on Delivery good design in London, the GLA specified that 3D digital models and VR should be used where possible.

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