Architects, planners and developers use VU.CITY Glasgow to address fundamental questions around planning and development such as ‘What will the development look like?’, 'Who will it affect?’, 'How might it affect them?’

VU.CITY's accurate 3D model of Glasgow helps every party involved to organise, visualise and analyse city data in the clearest and most accessible way to get the right answers to make the best decisions.

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Glasgow is a vibrant, exciting city with a unique character shaped by its grand historic areas and buildings and striking contemporary architecture. 

The Glasgow City Development Plan is the first of a new generation of local development plans for the city. It is in line with Scotland’s modernised planning system, aiming to give certainty for investment decisions for the public and private sectors by indicating where development, including regeneration, should and should not happen. By using VU.CITY, architects and developers can easily examine the feasibility of a proposed project in context and understand the visual impact on nearby listed buildings and heritage sites at a very early stage, with information also readily available on approved schemes and developments under construction.

Glasgow City Council aims to meet the plan’s objectives of re-shaping Glasgow’s employment locations and change the economy, providing high quality, accessible residential environments and town centres, and find climate change and drainage solutions while enhancing nature and biodiversity. VU.CITY’s digital platform enables all stakeholders to work towards a common goal in finding the best possible solutions in shaping Glasgow’s future.

Users of VU.CITY Glasgow include Michael Laird, Keppie Design, Iceni, Cooper Cromar, Stallan-Brand, and Oberlanders who are using the model’s many benefits, from being able to understand and assess a site’s opportunities and challenges, testing refined designs in context, enhancing pre-app conversations and planning submissions, to improving how everyone involved collaborates.

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VU.CITY Glasgow: Highlights

Create, edit and assess massing

Easily test massing to understand design feasibility.

Assess multiple initial massing options at an early stage and GEA potential quickly with VU.CITY Glasgow.
Test Massing

Assess multiple initial massing options at an early stage and GEA potential quickly.

VU.CITY Consented Schemes Timeline. View all major consented schemes across Glasgow.
Consented Schemes Timeline

Realise a site’s potential by viewing and assessing recently consented developments across Glasgow.

Easily import your designs from external 3D software (such as Revit, Rhino, SketchUp & 3ds Max) into the model of Glasgow and test how they will work in situ.
Import Designs

Easily import your designs from external 3D software (such as Revit, Rhino, SketchUp & 3ds Max) into the model of Glasgow and test how they will work in situ.

Quickly view and assess the initial impact of light from your proposed developments in VU.CITY’s model of Glasgow.
Sunlight Analysis

Quickly view and assess the initial impact of light from your proposed developments.

Conduct high-level townscape and visual impact assessments with an accurate 3D model of Glasgow.
Camera Studies and Presenter Tool

Conduct high-level townscape and visual impact assessments. Agree on key views to analyse further. Select key views and confidentially present your proposals to take stakeholder on the journey of design.

Use an accurate 3D model of Glasgow to assess where your scheme can be seen from with Zone of Theoretical Visibility.
Zone of Theoretical Visibility

Save time by eliminating unnecessary views for analysis. Understand where your scheme can be seen from and which views are critical to assess.

Scope, Design & Collaborate

VU.CITY's project collaboration space, the Hub, allows you to seamlessly communicate with stakeholders, to make better design & planning decisions, faster.

Work more collaboratively on designs with VU.CITY's 3D model of Glasgow
Annotate with Tags

Mark up comments and actions and easily collaborate on a site or scheme with project team members.

   Data Layers

   Data Layers

Consented Schemes Timeline

   Data Layers

Conservation Areas

   Data Layers

Cycle Hire Stations

   Data Layers

Cycle Routes

   Data Layers

Listed Buildings

   Data Layers

Low Emissions Zone

   Data Layers


   Data Layers

Citywide Policy

   Data Layers

Clyde Walkway

   Data Layers

Fastlink Extension Proposed Route

   Data Layers

Green Belt and Green Network

   Data Layers

Housing Land Supply

   Data Layers

Industrial Business Land

   Data Layers

Major Road Proposals

   Data Layers

Network of Centres

   Data Layers

Pedestrian Cycle Link

   Data Layers

Protected Former Rail Solum

   Data Layers

Rail Stations Proposal

   Data Layers

Scheduled Monuments

   Data Layers

Transformational Regeneration Areas

Glasgow Coverage

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How can using VU.CITY benefit my application?

Create smart cities the smart way

VU.CITY helps organise, visualise, and analyse city data in the clearest and most accessible way to make better decisions.

VU.CITY covers the whole of London and 25 major UK and international cities.

Quickly identify and appraise sites.  VU.CITY's visualization, design functionality and planning data, allow you to optimise your designs.

Transform design and planning

Now everyone involved can have a clear, universal understanding of what’s proposed and why, in a single, secure place. VU.CITY makes decision-making democratic and fair.

Build trust and collaboration

Remove barriers and minimise risks early. Have confidence in your designs and plans. Increase buy-in for project success.

Test out ideas in situ, from one building to a masterplan. Create your vision and submissions with confidence.
Collate site information in one place
Communicate complex spatial arrangements
Make documentation stand up and stand out
Speed up planning conversations
Strengthen relationships
Create winning submissions
Discover where there is potential for change, and help everyone easily understand what’s involved and why.
Collate site information in one place
Communicate complex spatial arrangements
Speed up the planning process
Speed up planning conversations
Strengthen relationships
Create winning submissions
Reduce guesswork and unwanted costs – make the right decisions for the right outcomes, faster.
Appraise site capacity and viability, faster
Save time and costs through collaboration
Reduce planning uncertainties; increase buy-in
Speed up the planning process with better informed decisions
Sell or lease earlier to realise profits sooner
Understand designs and plans with ease, and make decisions with clarity to benefit your city and your communities.
Make the best possible decisions, quicker
Collate site, scheme and planning information in one place
Standardise decision-making
Have informed and transparent conversations
Improve how you consult on policies and plans
Understand the cumulative effects of planning changes

In your words

“We’re bringing in architects and our clients and different consultants in one room and we’re viewing the drawing, the architecture and the massing through VU.CITY.”
Charlotte Orrell
Senior Planner at Iceni Projects
“It’s great to be able to view context and emerging adjacent planning proposals and has excellent compatibility with our software, it’s literally plug and play. The detail of the model is quite amazing and the ability to accurately measure relationships of other buildings, topography, and datums is a key feature. The variety of views that can be created within the platform allows for multiple testing of design options, it's a great design tool and can save valuable time, I particularly like the ZTV feature.”
VU.CITY logo
Richard MacDonald
Director - Keppie Design
“Councils can see, planning officers can see very quickly when they see a development of VU.CITY that it makes sense to them. They really feel like we're not hiding anything from them. Historically, you'd give them five or six views and they'd go, "Oh, you cherry-picked the best ones." And now we can take them through that process and that's helped massively.”
VU.CITY logo
Laurie Handcock
Director - Iceni Projects
"The practice is taking full advantage of the VU.CITY model platform to great effect. As a design tool VU.CITY is exceptional, the extent to which we can now substantiate our architectural proposals with supporting data and compelling verified visuals is a game changer. The team are going beyond the clear benefits the software provides to test both urban and townscape strategies on major projects to explore environmental and microclimate impacts.”
VU.CITY logo
Paul Stallan
Design Director - Stallan-Brand
"VU.CITY gives us the full visual story in a matter of seconds."
VU.CITY logo
Paul Finch
Editor - Architects Journal
"VU.CITY provided a valuable resource on our work for Southwark Charities for an emerging scheme along Blackfriars Road in central London where, working with Fathom Architects, we were able to test different versions in context, have live discussions, and conclude the best approach."
VU.CITY logo
Rosa Gonzalez
Consultant, Landscape, Townscape & VIA - Turley

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