VU.CITY Southampton saves time and money for anyone involved in its design, planning and development.

Being able to show proposals clearly and in context with VU.CITY's accurate, immersive 3D model of Southampton helps reduce risks in projects through a more inclusive design and planning process.

20sq km

Southampton, the third biggest city in the South East outside of London, has a rich and varied townscape that has evolved through the centuries. 

Much of the city was destroyed during WWII and later restored in the 1950s and 1990s. Strategically, it is located in the heart of the South Coast, and the city's built environment is heavily influenced by its maritime heritage, as is the Port of Southampton, which serves as a regional transportation centre. 

VU.CITY Southampton provides knowledge of critical views around the city, such as those directed at the Civic Centre and St Michael's Church. This allows you to assess the influence that future developments may have on the skyline, as well as the opportunity to explore the model from a bird's eye view and the view of the citizen. 

Southampton City Council's shared data layers help you take key considerations and constraints into account early when designing a scheme. VU.CITY Southampton is helping built environment professionals to improve communications with clients, win contracts, and create an inclusive narrative with all stakeholders.

VU.CITY Southampton : Highlights

Create, edit and assess massing

Easily test massing to understand design feasibility.

VU.CITY Southampton functionality: Consented Schemes Timelines
Consented Schemes Timeline

Realise a site’s potential by viewing and assessing recently consented developments across Southampton.

VU.CITY Southampton functionality: Test Massing
Test Massing

Assess multiple initial massing options at an early stage and GEA potential quickly.

VU.CITY Southampton functionality: Sunlight Tool
Sunlight Analysis

Quickly view and assess the initial impact of light from your proposed developments.

VU.CITY Southampton functionality: Camera Studies & Presenter Tool
Camera Studies and Presenter Tool

Conduct high-level townscape and visual impact assessments. Agree on key views to analyse further. Select key views and confidentially present your proposals to take stakeholder on the journey of design.

VU.CITY Southampton functionality: ZTV
Zone of Theoretical Visibility

Save time by eliminating unnecessary views for analysis. Understand where your scheme can be seen from and which views are critical to assess.

VU.CITY Southampton functionality: Tags
Annotate with Tags

Mark up comments and actions and easily collaborate on a site or scheme with project team members.

Scope, Design & Collaborate

VU.CITY's project collaboration space, the Hub, allows you to seamlessly communicate with stakeholders, to make better design & planning decisions, faster.

Data Layers

City Boundries
City Centre Boundries
Conservation Areas
District Centres
Existing Open Space
Listed Buildings
Local Centres
Locally Listed Buildings
Scheduled Ancient Monuments
Annual Average Household Income 2021
Deprivation Index 2021
Population Density 2021

Southampton Coverage

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How can using VU.CITY benefit my application?

Create smart cities the smart way

VU.CITY helps organise, visualise, and analyse city data in the clearest and most accessible way to make better decisions.

VU.CITY covers the whole of London and 23 major UK and international cities.

Quickly identify and appraise sites.  VU.CITY's visualization, design functionality and planning data, allow you to optimise your designs.

Transform design and planning

Now everyone involved can have a clear, universal understanding of what’s proposed and why, in a single, secure place. VU.CITY makes decision-making democratic and fair.

Build trust and collaboration

Remove barriers and minimise risks early. Have confidence in your designs and plans. Increase buy-in for project success.

Test out ideas in situ, from one building to a masterplan. Create your vision and submissions with confidence.
Collate site information in one place
Communicate complex spatial arrangements
Make documentation stand up and stand out
Speed up planning conversations
Strengthen relationships
Create winning submissions
Discover where there is potential for change, and help everyone easily understand what’s involved and why.
Collate site information in one place
Communicate complex spatial arrangements
Speed up the planning process
Speed up planning conversations
Strengthen relationships
Create winning submissions
Reduce guesswork and unwanted costs – make the right decisions for the right outcomes, faster.
Appraise site capacity and viability, faster
Save time and costs through collaboration
Reduce planning uncertainties; increase buy-in
Speed up the planning process with better informed decisions
Sell or lease earlier to realise profits sooner
Understand designs and plans with ease, and make decisions with clarity to benefit your city and your communities.
Make the best possible decisions, quicker
Collate site, scheme and planning information in one place
Standardise decision-making
Have informed and transparent conversations
Improve how you consult on policies and plans
Understand the cumulative effects of planning changes

In your words

“We’re bringing in architects and our clients and different consultants in one room and we’re viewing the drawing, the architecture and the massing through VU.CITY.”
Charlotte Orrell
Senior Planner at Iceni Projects
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