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The New VU.CITY Experience

VU.CITY has made some big improvements, building on the revolutionary 3D experience that our customers love and rely on.


Harness the power of VU.CITY and the understanding that 3D provides for everyone on a project.

VU.CITY’s latest innovation called the Hub, supports enhanced project team collaboration. Now you can seamlessly communicate with project teams, stakeholders and planning decision-makers with the clarity that comes from being able to see and understand proposals in 3D.

Better Collaboration, Better Results 

Start collaborating on projects with ease! The new VU.CITY Hub is a modern and intuitive project collaboration space, designed to help everyone better understand, streamline feedback and expedite decision-making.  

Anyone who does not require 3D access can still communicate on the output of 3D and benefit from the results of VU.CITY’s accurate and immersive 3D cities!

With the VU.CITY Hub,
you can:

✔️ Open up communication with project teams. 

✔️ Tell engaging stories by selecting key views and sharing them in a secure location.

✔️ Enable stakeholders to visualise, communicate and explore schemes using the 3D outputs of VU.CITY. 

✔️ Boost stakeholder engagement and gather vital feedback, faster.

✔️ Securely store, manage and access 3D outputs of VU.CITY in one place.

Start your VU.CITY Journey

VU.CITY is the ultimate storytelling tool helping you to visualise opportunities, collaborate and communicate with stakeholders, faster.

Understanding the New VU.CITY

Need help getting used to the new VU.CITY experience? Our experts have created a webinar going over the key changes made and how you can boost collaboration and harness the power of the VU.CITY. 

View Webinar

Want to Know More?

If you’d like to find out more about our new VU.CITY experience and how you can make better, collaborative, design and planning decisions, faster, get in touch to organise a live demo.

Already a VU.CITY Customer?

Shifting your account to the VU.CITY experience is simple! Click here to find out how.

We will be retiring the old VU.CITY Dashboard on Friday 30th September, 2022. During this time please let our team know if you need support with migration, as well as any onboarding

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