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Goodbye guesswork

And goodbye risks and prohibitive costs. View scenarios in seconds and make decisions more inclusively, efficiently and effectively.

How can VU.CITY Help You?

Be leaps ahead of the competition. Get a complete understanding of a site’s capacity and viability with ease, and help safeguard those profit margins. Provide easy access for stakeholders to collaborate on projects and comment on outputs and documents.

Appraise sites faster

Any decision, no matter how big or small, deserves to be well made. Have all the info and 3D outputs everyone needs to drive design team collaboration and performance and make effective decisions at pace. 

Save time and costs

Make things clearer; get answers faster. By engaging more efficiently and effectively with planning officers, project teams and other stakeholders, you’ll reduce planning uncertainties and increase buy-in.

Woo and win

Showcase the merits of your scheme in an interdisciplinary platform that’s 100% neutral. Reducing risks and abortive costs.

Speed up the planning process

With investors and buyers being able to easily understand your development at a glance, you can turn warm leads into red-hot prospects.

Sell or lease earlier

What can you do with VU.CITY?

In your words

“We’re bringing in architects and our clients and different consultants in one room and we’re viewing the drawing, the architecture and the massing through VU.CITY.”
Charlotte Orrell
Senior Planner at Iceni Projects
“VU.CITY helps us make faster decisions on site feasibility. With the platform’s tools and data, we can quickly understand site opportunities and constraints, work more collaboratively with the project team, community and local authority, ultimately helping us reduce risk and abortive costs throughout the planning process.”
VU.CITY logo
David Barnett​
CEO & Founder - Londonewcastle
"VU.CITY is helping us analyse projects at an early stage and refine elements of our live projects faster and more accurately. Being able to quickly assess a site or stress test things like massing and planning context provides us with more clarity and objectivity that would previously have taken us a lot longer to achieve."
VU.CITY logo
Jack Hawkins
Development Manager - Londonewcastle
"VU.CITY allows us to quickly understand the feasibility of a site, in context and get rapid feedback from our project stakeholders. It helps us reduce time wasted waiting on feedback from key decision makers, by enabling real-time collaboration across a number of teams."
VU.CITY logo
Nick Hayden Hub
Nick Hayden - Senior Design Manager, Mount Anvil
"Development and architecture are embracing technology at a rapid rate but many ideas are impractical or premature and don’t work. The VU.CITY platform is already making an essential difference to design and planning decisions in London and clearly will go much further."
VU.CITY logo
Sir Stuart Lipton
Co-founder - Lipton Rogers
The platform is really helping us communicate those kinds of insights among our consultant team which then enables for a faster and more insightful decision making process.
VU.CITY logo
Jack Hawkins
Development Manager - Londonewcastle

top tools for developers

Early massing feasibility  

Quickly assess multiple initial massing options and GEA potential.

Data layers

Get a complete understanding of site opportunities and constraints. View conservation areas, listed buildings, protected views, public transport accessibility, flood risks and more.

Consented schemes timeline

Stay ahead of the competition. Realise a site’s potential by viewing and assessing recently consented developments. See what succeeds and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Share and collaborate

Receive initial and refined design concepts. Give feedback all in one easy place to the project team on massings or designs.

Camera tools

View your building from anywhere - and view anywhere from your building to work out what will woo buyers. 

Accurate measurement tools

Measure and compare heights and distances with any existing, conceptual or approved developments.

Daylight and sunlight analysis

Quickly view and assess the initial impact of shadows from proposed developments at any time of day, any day of the year.

Scope, design and collaborate with VU.CITY

Everyone has the power to collaborate on the 3D outputs of VU.CITY. Seamlessly communicate with stakeholders, project teams and planning decision makers instantly to make better design & planning decisions, faster.