VU.CITY fOR Local Authorities

Make decisions with precision

Spend less time wondering how schemes will work and more time making decisions with clarity. Achieve the change for your city and communities that everyone wants to see.

How can VU.CITY Help You?

Have more constructive communication during pre-app through shared 3D outputs for all project stakeholders to collaborate on. Improve planning committee presentations, from images, 360 outputs and fully interactive demonstrations.

Make the best possible decision, faster

Identify opportunity sites and inform local policy. 3D visualisation simplifies making decisions about site allocation and housing.

Quickly collate information

Scrutinise proposals in an interactive, accurate, neutral 3D model. Already trusted by over 50 UK and Ireland local authorities.

Standardise decision-making

Consider new applications interactively in 3D against consented developments to know if the proposal is the right fit.

Cut out guesswork

Identify opportunity sites and inform local policy. 3D visualisation simplifies making decisions about site allocation and housing.

Improve consultation

An open and transparent visual experience helps everyone clearly see a scheme in context and understand how it will work.

Better engagement with communities

What can you do with VU.CITY?

In your words

“We’re bringing in architects and our clients and different consultants in one room and we’re viewing the drawing, the architecture and the massing through VU.CITY.”
Charlotte Orrell
Senior Planner at Iceni Projects
“VU.CITY is a valuable tool used in the development of our Local Plan at a time of unprecedented growth. It has brought a level of transparency that has helped us understand the impact of development on the character of our areas. This in turn is allowing us to create policies and develop aspirations for sites that are robust and tested, and is helping us to meaningfully engage with our communities.”
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Tania Drew
Urban Design Officer - Waltham Forest Council
“The Royal Borough of Kingston have been using VU.CITY to review major applications for a few years and it helps us to get a quick understanding of a proposal's height, scale and mass at an early stage which is invaluable in aiding discussions around context, appropriateness and agreeing key views required for visual impact assessment.”
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Chloe Clay
Urban Design Manager - Kingston Council
"I am delighted that we’ve secured a digital platform to help citizens visualize the ambitious plans we, and developers, have for Bristol. These exciting tools make for better quality engagement and a richer conversation about our vision for a more sustainable, inclusive city."
VU.CITY logo
Marvin Rees
Mayor of Bristol
“We have found VU.CITY to be invaluable in our assessment of one of our major city centre regeneration schemes. We were able to 'walk the development' and assess the impact of the proposals in a way which would not have been possible with 2D drawings, illustrative material and more orthodox 3D modelling. VU.CITY has also allowed us to assess the scheme much more quickly and feedback to the applicant earlier.”
VU.CITY logo
Ed Baker
Development Manager - Belfast City Council
"Historic England supports the use of digital planning tools such as VU.CITY in assessing changes to the historic environment. We regularly use VU.CITY to assist our negotiations with developers, and to support our planning advice, particularly regarding tall building proposals in London."
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Alisdair Young
Inspector of Historic Buildings and Areas - Historic England

TOP Tools for Planning officers

Building remover and create tool

See where development opportunities could take place to help inform local policy. Present Councillors with conceptual understanding and evidence-based research for development targets.

Accurate measurement tools

Measure the AOD height of proposed schemes.

Receive and review proposals

View 3D proposals to assess a scheme’s merit in a fully interactive, accurate context. Ideal from pre-app to planning applications.

Data layers

Consider proposals in conjunction with conservation areas, listed buildings, protected views, flood risks and more.

Consented schemes timeline

See approved schemes to understand how proposals will fit within the existing context and what will be acceptable in the future.

Camera placer and studies

Conduct high-level townscape and visual impact assessments. Agree on key views to scrutinise further.

Scope, design and collaborate with VU.CITY

Everyone has the power to collaborate on the 3D outputs of VU.CITY. Seamlessly communicate with stakeholders, project teams and planning decision makers instantly to make better design & planning decisions, faster.