Set the bar high

Create ideas and test them – from one building to a masterplan. Share your vision, wow clients, and move from conception to completion with confidence.

How can VU.CITY Help You?

Show design constraints and showcase opportunities in impressive detail. Test ideas in situ and share them with relevant stakeholders throughout the process. Deliver them interactively for submissions that wow and win.

Win work

Know your site inside out. Propose design solutions that meet - and even exceed - client expectations. Be sensitive to historic and social context. Upload files and 3D outputs to projects to share with your teams to expedite work.

Collate site information

Communicate 3D outputs for your design narrative that everyone can understand in an instant. Share designs with all stakeholders throughout the project and receive comments and questions in one place. Enable meeting attendees to ask informed questions and give insightful feedback.

Simplify communications

Produce 3D site analysis diagrams and visuals for massing on master plan options. Capture a project’s wider context. Show neighbourhood and city at scale. Share all documentation in one project collaboration space with unlimited users and streamline feedback.

Make documentation stand out

Share design drivers and documentation with planners, clients and politicians within an interdisciplinary platform that’s 100% neutral. Get buy-in early on. Review final options on design merit, not technical hurdles.

Speed up planning conversations

Take relationships with clients, project teams and planning authorities to another level. Build collaboration and trust in a shared journey. Make it easier for them to understand insights and explain the rationale to politicians and the public.

Collaborate & strengthen relationships

What can you do with VU.CITY?

In your words

“We’re bringing in architects and our clients and different consultants in one room and we’re viewing the drawing, the architecture and the massing through VU.CITY.”
Charlotte Orrell
Senior Planner at Iceni Projects
"VU.CITY gives us the full visual story in a matter of seconds."
VU.CITY logo
Paul Finch
Editor - Architects Journal
“With VU.CITY on the table, it’s like the whole conversation just relaxes. It’s an independent resource we can rely on.”
VU.CITY logo
James Felstead
Director - CGL Architects
“The NLA has been calling for a 3D digital model of London ever since we revealed the scale of tall buildings planned for the city. VU.CITY’s virtual London would do the things we asked for to assist the Mayor, local planners, professionals and communities to better understand the impact of new development and to generate a more positive and collaborative attitude to growth.”
VU.CITY logo
Peter Murray
Chairman - New London Architecture
"The practice is taking full advantage of the VU.CITY model platform to great effect. As a design tool VU.CITY is exceptional, the extent to which we can now substantiate our architectural proposals with supporting data and compelling verified visuals is a game changer. The team are going beyond the clear benefits the software provides to test both urban and townscape strategies on major projects to explore environmental and microclimate impacts.”
VU.CITY logo
Paul Stallan
Design Director - Stallan-Brand
“Architecture is essentially a 3D discipline, so VU.CITY is effectively showing what is already in an architect’s head in a way that hasn’t been possible before. The platform enables you to immediately understand the cityscape, the context, constraints, daylight, sunlight and the view angles, not just as it is today, but how it will be in the future. That’s incredibly valuable.”
VU.CITY logo
Simon Erridge
Director - Bennetts Associates


Create massing in context

Quickly assess multiple initial massing options for the right design decisions for the public realm.

Import, export and share

Achieve early buy-in by helping clients, project teams and planning authorities be crystal clear about your scheme. Viewing designs together, sharing feedback, and making revisions is a breeze.

Understand site opportunities and constraints

Get the full picture with data including daylight analysis, listed buildings, conservation areas, and protected views. (Data varies across our VU.CITIES to help with major early planning analysis factors.)

Camera tools and studies

Place a camera anywhere to see your scheme in context or how the view from any room would look.

Accurate measurement tools

Assess a scheme's suitability to its surroundings with AOD height tools and point measurements in a 15cm accurate digital twin.

Consented schemes timeline

Design with the current context and the future cityscape in mind. Check out major consented schemes within their setting and view key information including the developer and architect.

Scope, design and collaborate with VU.CITY

Everyone has the power to collaborate on the 3D outputs of VU.CITY. Seamlessly communicate with stakeholders, project teams and planning decision makers instantly to make better design & planning decisions, faster.