How can digitisation create a better planning system?

RICS & VU.CITY discuss what’s in store for the planning world this 2022 & the potential 3D visualization, tech & data has to make it better.
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How can data and technology help politicians, developers, planning authorities and communities?  What benefits will digitisation bring to the planning process?  And how does information currently flow to the various stakeholders through the planning process and how can it be improved? 

Jason Hawthorne and Piers Mulroney from VU.CITY speak with Andrew Knight to discuss how data, technology and gaming engines can help overcome obstacles in the UK planning process and build cities of the future that benefit everyone.

The UK’s property planning sector has been under scrutiny for some time now. We live in fascinating times in terms of what’s possible digitally, and the digitisation of the planning system is no exception. 

Founding Director of VU.CITY Jason Hawthorne sets out how digital tools can provide a much-needed sense of stability and continuity for policymakers and politicians. For instance, with a platform like VU.CITY, new Housing Minister Stuart Andrew MP could use it to not only visualise how a UK city looks today, but he would be able to visualise how it will look in five years’ time, complete with proposed and consented developments. 

With the world moving beyond 2D sketches and wordy reports, watch the video and allow Jason Hawthorne to take you through the power of digital, visualised twins of cities. Explore data layers that demonstrate sunlight exposure, density, flood risk and much more, as the team ask the all-important question - without a 3D model that can map out contingencies, how can citizens or decision-makers understand the true impact of a development?

Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP recently vowed to explore ways to increase affordable housing in the UK, and the debate is set to only get more heated. In this video podcast, the VU.CITY team explores how technology and digitisation can build trust and transparency, helping to hold the government accountable on their promises. Piers Mulroney, Head of Policy at VU.CITY, also gave his verdict on planning reform, praising the recent prop-tech engagement fund, and calling for digitisation to be more emphatically embedded in the process. Creating the best city possible will require empowering decision makers and citizens, which – the team argues - can only be done through harnessing the powers of technology and sharing data more openly to help visualise complex information. 

There’s no doubt VU.CITY can work to unlock many of the challenges presented by the planning system; check out this exclusive video podcast to find out more about the ability of digitisation to make positive change. 

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