Tell the Story of Your Proposal Immersively with 360° Functionality

From public consultation to marketing premium views, you can now create engaging & interactive experiences with our new 360° functionality.
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Tell Your Story from Any Angle

Our latest 360° camera functionality enables you to present key views, share projects and create interactive images so you can communicate effectively through an immersive experience. This new functionality gives VU.CITY users the ability to bring their key views together, to take stakeholders on a journey and have meaningful conversations on development.

Used to improve public consultation

Create greater trust with the public by creating environments that can be directly interacted with to improve the quality of feedback. With 360° you can enable stakeholders to visualize, communicate and explore new development. Local authorities across the UK have already started using VU.CITY’s 360° functionality to help communicate change and for public consultation, the below example highlights how Watford Borough Council used VU.CITY's 360° functionality in public consultation.

Used for marketing - highlight premium views

Seamlessly switch between 360° or 180° views to focus on the areas that matter most. 180° views are great for showcasing premium views.

Get Virtual Reality (VR) ready

The 360° functionality is the first of our compatible VR experience that allows our users to create a truly immersive experience. This is a ground breaking approach in providing public access to interactive 3D images of proposals with ease. 

Take the 360° experience to another level by combining it with additional functionality only available to VU.CITY. Show groups the impact of your design on the nearby environment, including niche details such as shadowing and Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) studies.

Simply head to VU.CITY's camera functionality, select your views, change to view in either 360° or 180°, export and start sharing. Find out more on how to use the 360° functionality in our Knowledge Hub.

Experience the 360° tool in action

Want to know more?

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