Before using VU.CITY, Pollard Thomas Edwards had to spend mammoth amounts of time modelling everything in 3D and finding all the necessary information regarding their architectural projects.

Discover how they've significantly reduced the time spent on all of their projects and can now get all the information they require at the click of a button.


Pollard thomas edwards is an architecture practice specialising in the design of homes, neighbourhoods, public and mixed-use buildings.


Pollard Thomas Edwards 

‍Architectural firm Pollard Thomas Edwards (PTE) faced several challenges and limitations in their urban planning and architectural projects before incorporating VU.CITY into their workflow. This case study explores how VU.CITY has revolutionised PTE's approach to architectural and urban planning, providing them with valuable insights and efficiencies in their projects. 


Challenges before VU.CITY

Prior to adopting VU.CITY, PTE encountered several significant challenges in their architectural and urban planning work. These challenges included:

1. Information Gathering: PTE had to invest substantial time and resources in the laborious process of collecting essential data for their projects. This included information on consented schemes, existing context heights, protected views, and building heights. This manual data collection process was time-consuming and resource-intensive.

2. 3D Modelling: In some cases, PTE had to painstakingly model the urban environment in 3D. This process was both time-consuming and required substantial effort to create accurate representations of the urban context for their design and planning work.



Motivation for choosing VU.CITY

PTE's decision to implement VU.CITY as a solution for their work needs was driven by several key factors:

  • Real-time Updates: The firm recognised that London and Cambridge, where most of their projects are located, are continually evolving. VU.CITY's ability to stay up-to-date with newly approved and under-construction developments in these dynamic cities was a critical advantage. This ensured that PTE always had access to the most current data for their projects.

  • Reliable Data: VU.CITY's reputation for providing reliable and accurate information was another key factor in PTE's decision. Having access to trustworthy data sources was essential for architects, as it formed the foundation for making critical decisions at various project stages, including feasibility, planning, and delivery.
laura binaburo

"VU.CITY’s platform adds real value to our schemes. From site feasibility to massing studies, the benefits go well beyond the design front."

Laura Binaburo

BIM Manager - Pollard Thomas Edwards

Notable Improvements and Efficiencies with VU.CITY

Since integrating VU.CITY into their workflow, PTE has experienced a range of notable improvements and efficiencies in their projects. These include:


  • Efficient Site Analysis: When working with existing site conditions and local authorities, architects frequently need to negotiate and adjust their projects to comply with regulations and constraints. Having access to protected views and future consented schemes near the site through VU.CITY allows PTE to efficiently make adjustments to building heights and placements. This results in optimized design solutions that align with existing constraints and regulatory requirements.
  • Speedy Design Iterations: VU.CITY enables PTE to quickly test and visualise different design options and site configurations. This ability to experiment with various possibilities and share them with clients and other consultants has streamlined the design process. It not only saves time but also enhances collaboration and decision-making, ultimately leading to more informed design choices.



In conclusion, VU.CITY has empowered Pollard Thomas Edwards with invaluable data-driven insights and efficiencies, allowing them to overcome previous challenges and enhance their architectural and urban planning projects. By providing real-time, reliable information and tools for rapid design iteration, VU.CITY has become an indispensable asset in PTE's work, enabling them to thrive in the ever-evolving urban landscapes of London and Cambridge.

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