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Before using VU.CITY, the architects at Barr Gazetas spent a lot of valuable time gathering various data sets and investing resources in CGI companies for verified views. 

Watch the video below and read the story to discover how using VU.CITY streamlined their workflow, enabled them to embrace innovative technologies in the field of architecture and improved communication with the stakeholders on their projects. 


Barr Gazetas and VU.CITY - Streamlining Sustainable Architecture

Background and Introduction

Barr Gazetas, an architecture practice in London, set out with an ambitious goal—to create the most sustainable building in the city. Facing the challenge of achieving high sustainability benchmarks and navigating the complexities of the borough, they needed accurate and easily accessible data for listed buildings, flood risks, and other critical information. Traditional methods were time-consuming, and often resulted in unforeseen challenges. 


Watch the video above, or keep reading to discover why architects at Barr Gazetas have heavily integrated VU.CITY into their projects in order to save time, money and give them confidence provided by reliable data in their designs. 


Before VU.CITY

Before adopting VU.CITY, Barr Gazetas faced a laborious process. They would purchase maps, utilise views from Rhino, and invest significant resources in CGI companies for verified views. This approach was not only time-consuming but lacked the efficiency and accuracy needed for their sustainability-focused project. As they navigated the intricacies of the borough, confidence in their portrayals, especially regarding the impact on neighbouring properties, was paramount.


The Building Transformation

Barr Gazetas' project involved significant transformations, including repositioning the entrance, redesigning the landscape, adding height, and introducing cycling facilities. VU.CITY played a crucial role in visualising these changes efficiently, particularly in assessing the impact on neighbouring properties and ensuring a sensitive and sustainable approach.



The adoption of VU.CITY brought about a paradigm shift in Barr Gazetas' workflow. The platform allowed them to rapidly access transport and data layers, conduct analyses swiftly, and gain a comprehensive understanding of achievable goals. VU.CITY provided a streamlined alternative to the previous reliance on maps and CGI companies, offering a faster, more accurate, and cost-effective solution.


Benefits and Streamlined Process:

Working with VU.CITY allowed Barr Gazetas to confidently address concerns raised by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC). The platform facilitated a quicker evaluation of massing options, enabling the team to assess the impact on neighbouring properties and confirm agreements with planning consultants in a more timely manner. VU.CITY's integration into their workflow sped up the process, providing a more efficient and accurate means of creating mass within the model and presenting it to clients.



Key Outcomes:

  • Quicker workflow: VU.CITY significantly accelerated Barr Gazetas' workflow, allowing them to assess massing options and provide rapid responses to planning queries.
  • Confidence in portrayal: The platform instilled confidence in portraying the building's mass in a sensitive manner, addressing concerns from local authorities and neighbours effectively.
  • Reduced reliance on CGI: With VU.CITY's capabilities, the need for extensive CGI was minimised, leading to cost savings and a more agile design process.
  • Client communication: The platform facilitated clear and legible communication with clients, enabling the team to explain feasibility in a visual and comprehensible manner.
  • Adaptability: VU.CITY's continuous evolution and increasing speed ensures that Barr Gazetas remains at the forefront of technology, adapting to changing project requirements and industry demands.

In conclusion, Barr Gazetas' adoption of VU.CITY not only streamlined their workflow but also enhanced their ability to create sustainable and sensitive architectural solutions. The platform's efficiency in massing, assessing context, and providing street views has become an integral part of their process, demonstrating the advantages of embracing innovative technologies in the field of architecture.


“VU.CITY has definitely sped up our workflow, it’s made it a lot quicker and easier and more importantly, I don’t have to spend a long time training up a part one or part two to work with me on this… we can share it with clients and explain how things work in a very legible way and I think that is really important, to communicate to a client whether it’s feasible to do something or not in a visual way, is fantastic.”

Pradumn Pamidighantam

Senior Architect - Barr Gazetas
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