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Tell the Story of Your Proposal in 3D with VU.CITY’s New ‘Presenter Tool’

Say hello to our latest feature, the 'Presenter Tool', and start presenting your proposals with confidence in a more immersive way.


Impressively present proposals in 3D to all stakeholders with confidence.

We are proud to present our latest tool that will help you communicate your proposals - the 'Presenter Tool'.

Whether it be on bids, design meetings, pre-app, planning committee and more, you can use the ‘Presenter Tool’ to take stakeholders on a journey around your project, and have meaningful conversations to improve project outcomes.

Simply open your saved project in VU.CITY, select your key views, adjust the weather and atmospherics, and tell your story.

Improved Camera Functionality

Our camera functionality that helps users study views on a site or proposals from bird’s-eye to pedestrian level, and also views from proposals and existing buildings, has been revamped for easier use.

You can now create, edit, export and present your views back all in one place.

See all the improvements to VU.CITY's camera functionality with VU.CITY’s Product Manager, Matt Felton, and Customer Success Manager, Barney Row:



New Camera Functionality Highlights:

Multi-target selection for master plans
Select all massings/designs and place cameras to capture all key view.

Easily adjust your views 
Whether it be zooming in or out, navigating higher or lower, left or right, changing the sunlight and even if trees are shown in chosen views, you can now control it all.

Improve collaboration with naming of camera views
You can now descriptively name and save your views with ease. So now when you securely share projects other stakeholders will understand the views that they are reviewing.

Refine key views
You can easily create a shortlist of key views by duplicating your masterstudy of all camera views and delete all unnecessary views so the most important views remain. 

Search and re-order camera views
Users can now search for views by name, and also change the order of their camera views.

Use camera views in documentation
You can now mass export images from 2k to 8k to your VU.CITY Cloud drive or to your desktop.

Stay up to date on how to use all new features and tools

Head over to the Knowledge Base for all you need to know:

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